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Code-iT Hacks KIDS

2019 community Outreach Free Programs

MICRO:BIT - Make a Texting Device

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Join us at the Mississauga Maker Fest on May 25th at 2:30 pm to make a fun Texting Device using Micro:bit and Robot Puppet for alert mechanism.

March 2nd 2019, My-Pi Toronto


Code-it Hacks is back with their 2019 Community Outreach STEM programs. Join us for STEM fun at our 2nd  annual Raspberry Pi Jam for learners Ages 12 - 18 in Toronto. This event will be packed with exciting projects. With an introduction to Raspberry Pi, our certified instructors and volunteers will work with students in team settings to explore the possibilities of working with this credit Card sized computer.  Sample of projects that the teams will work on will include but not limited to building projects utilizing:

  • Sensors

  • Motors

  • LED's

Introductory projects may include building weather stations, parent detectors, virtual pets to name a few!

All the project materials will be provided.

Snack/Lunch box will be provided.

2018 community Outreach Free Programs

May 12th, SCRATCH Day 2018 - Toronto

On May 12th thousands of children around the globe will participate in SCRATCH Day. Scratch Days inspire people to make and share creative projects. 

Code-it Hacks Kids is proud to host the SCRATCH Day in Toronto for  youth ages 8 +. This FREE event will be packed with exciting projects. Students will be introduced to coding concepts via play. The day will be filled with animation, art and gaming projects.

This afternoon is session to all youth. Register by clicking the link below.

The morning session is reserved for wonderful children of Dovercourt Boys and Girls club.

SCRATCH Day Toronto brought to you by:

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Code-iT Hacks KIDS

April 21st,A day of Coding with Camp Ooch

Code-it Hacks is proud to offer a day of creative coding to the wonderful children of Camp Ooch on April 21st, 2018. This is a private event hosted primarily for the children attending Camp Ooch.


Camp Ooch is a camp for kids with and affected by childhood cancer. Camp Ooch gives these kids the chance to be kids.

Learn how you can support ongoing community outreach program

Code-it Hacks Kids  brings play-based STEM programs to Canadian youth to instill the love of creating and innovating with technology;  inspiring kids to use their imagination to anchor every creation and foster problem solving attitude. Starting in Toronto, we are dedicated to bringing top notch technology programs to all age groups. The community outreach program is our way of giving back to the community. We host FREE Library coding workshops quarterly across the GTA and would like to grow our community offering by adding physical computing to the outreach program. We hope to grow My-Pi Toronto to be a monthly program offered for free to all youth in various pockets of the GTA.

We hope you can join the cause by supporting us!

Our Partners in Supporting the STEM cause

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