Intro to Game Development Java Coding - Level 1


$350 + HST


8 Weeks


April 23rd, 2022 - June 18th, 2022

10:45 am - 12:15 pm

About the Program

Starting your coding journey? Then why not start with the most popular language on Earth - OR dare we say also used on MARS curiosity Rover!

Learn fundamentals of coding using JAVA. Learn to problem solve, enhance computational thinking skills, and build awesome games in this fun 8 week live interactive course.

Java is used for the Internet of Things and APIs, in big data technologies, e-commerce websites, high frequency financial trading platforms, scientific applications, game development, mobile apps to name a few.

Swansea Town Hall
95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto, ON M6S 3H9

Harvey - 2nd Floor