Welcome To Teens Code Club

Code-it Hacks Teens Studio is designed for eager middle to high school students.

From specialized summer programs to 10 month term programs, we  have it all covered to ensure your digital literacy is at par on a global scale.

Our Goal: to ensure all students have a sound knowledge of what it takes to be a CREATIVE Computer Scientist and not just someone who can Code. Keeping true to our methodology and philosophy, the programs are Play-Based. They are fun first and value imagination at its core - the rest is all mechanical.

Our Motivation: We want students of all levels to come together and create something amazing. Our summer and year-end hackathons are our motivation to prepare students for their A game.

The programs will be run by our talented team of certified instructors and supported by our empowered student mentors. 

Here are the high level details of the program:

  • Runs on weekends

  • 16 Students maximum in each class

  • Each course has a maker (robotics) and coding aspect

  • Certificate of completion

  • A completion showcase event - A great networking opportunity to meet with the best minds in the industry!

  • Industry site visit to witness digital action first hand

  • Participation in our annual hackathon

See the programs below for course objective, pricing and duration



Learn about our exciting teen programs designed to give students an in-depth understanding of Computer Science


Summer Camps

4 Weeks of exciting STEM indulgence. This summer we are giving teens a flavour of website build, game build, app build and Robotics.



Starting in Fall we will launch our exclusive Teen STEM Membership program

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