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STEM training for kids

Welcome to Code-It Hacks 

Collaborative learning

The 21st century basic education is no longer restricted to reading, writing, and math. Computer programming has become a reality faster than we can fathom. Everything surrounding us today is, in some fashion or form, run by computer programs. While formal Computer Science training is available at the University level, it is no longer an option for our youth to stay oblivious to the workings of the STEM discipline until they are college ready. Whether or not your child will pursue the field of computer science, the skills necessary to thrive professionally in the 21st century demand the basic knowledge of computers and their workings.

In recognizing this, the CODE-IT HACKS curriculum addresses:

  • Teaching the concepts to our youth in a fun and playful manner

  • Role play - Through fun and hands-on games (not computers), we introduce the complex concepts of Looping, Variables, Arrays, Conditional Statements, etc.

  • We act out the concepts, we play unique games that explain core fundamentals, we design the concepts and then at the very end we open our computers to scribble the code!

This in a nutshell is CODE-IT HACKS. To learn more about our methodology click here.

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