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Rated the best virtual coding camps by parents and kids

2 hours of STRUCTURED ROUTINE will go a long way this summer

Coding skills are proven to teach important life skills. In addition to to computational and logical thinking skills, coding develops perseverance,  patience and creative thinking.

With the long summer ahead, our two hour daily camps offer structure, routine and educational fun to your child

Why Join our virtual camp?

  • 2 hours of structured coding fun​ everyday, Monday to Friday

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming via Game Development and digital animation

  • Meet new like-minded friends from around the world virtually

  • Share and showcase your work

  • Learn from industry leaders

  • Special Guest speakers

What to expect?

Whether you are joining block-based or textual programming camp, each camp will cover the following in-depth:

  • Coding fundamentals

  • Understanding of solving a real-life problem with technology

  • Design session in breakout teams

  • Building multiple unique projects

  • Alpha and Beta Testing

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