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We research the latest Technology trends and carefully craft the camp programs so your children are always exposed to the most current technologies and its application

Code-it Hacks camps are never same year over year. We strive to bring the latest in technology so your child is always a step ahead


Structure in Chaos

New Global Friendships

Up your digital presence

Guest Speaker

The world changed one fine day in 2020! Physical distancing is here to stay for a while.

Code-it Hacks virtual face-to-face camps provides much needed 2 hour structured routine for your kids.

Meet like-minded kids from around the world.

Get a step closer to working with a variety of technology while interacting digitally from the comfort of your home

Every Friday meet an industry leader, showcase your work and receive valuable feedback and praise.

What to expect?

Whether you are joining block-based / textual programming or Maker Robotics camp, each camp will cover the following in-depth:

  • Coding fundamentals

  • Engineering principles

  • Understanding of solving a real-life problem with technology

  • Design session in breakout teams

  • Building multiple unique projects

  • Alpha and Beta Testing

Friday Fun:

Every Friday, we have an industry specialist leader join our camp for a special lesson.

Students will get the opportunity to present their project and receive valuable feedback from the industry specialists

Required Hardware and Software:

Checkout the Camp requirements HERE

Making it a SUCCESSFUL VIRTUAL Experience!

Code-it Hacks has been running non-stop virtual camps since the school closure was announced in March. During this time we learnt many lessons. To ensure the most impactful learning experience we have structured our camps per our learnings. Here are some of our findings:

  • 8 students in a virtual class is the magic number to ensure everyone gets enough time during the camp

  • A ratio of 1:4 teacher to student is the most impactful

  • Kids ages 6 and under do feel a screen time learning fatigue

  • An hour is too little time to run the camp and more that two hours is too much screen fatigue

  • Group team-based activities in breakout sessions provide students means to connect and give them purpose in a contactless learning environment

  • Friday is our testing and presentation day. Students work towards this goal all week. They are taught to provide constructive feedback to team mates. Conduct alpha and and Beta testings and taught how to receive feedback to improve their code



Ages 7 - 14


Ages 7 - 12


Ages 7- 12


Ages 12 +

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