Welcome To Teen Technology Club @IgniteLabs

The programs will be run by our talented team of certified instructors, Industry specialist and special leadership speakers from the industry. and supported by our empowered student mentors. 

Here are the high level details of the program:

  • Runs on weekends

  • 20 Students maximum in each class

  • Students will be introduced to:

    • Real life problems to be tackled with technology​

    • Coding fundamentals to advanced programming skills including Machine learning to get an introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    • Technology introduction to Raspberry Pi, Arduino Boards, Soldering, 3-D printing, wearable technology, etc.

    • Technology concepts introduction to Cyber security, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, AI driven analytics, etc.

  • Certificate of completion

  • A completion showcase event - A great networking opportunity to meet with the best minds in the industry!

  • Industry site visit to witness digital action first hand

  • Participation in our annual hackathon

  • Possible internship opportunities with our industry partners

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