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Rated the best virtual coding camps by parents and kids

2 hours of STRUCTURED ROUTINE will go a long way this summer

Whether your teen is getting ready for university or is curious to learn more about the field of STEM, Code-it Hacks has you covered this summer with an engaging hands-on and fun STEMcademy virtual camps.

Learn to make cool games and apps while also learning key employable skills.

With the long summer ahead, our two hour daily camps offer structure, routine and educational fun to your child all while learning key 21st century skills.

Why Join our virtual camp?

  • 2 hours of structured coding fun​ everyday, Monday to Friday

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming 

  • Meet new like-minded friends from around the world virtually

  • Share and showcase your work

  • Learn from industry leaders

  • Special Guest speakers

What to expect?

Teen STEMcademy is designed to engage teens that would like to explore or get in-depth training in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) field. This summer we are offering two series:

Coding 3D Game Development Series

6 week Coding iPhone App Development series 

Both series will cover the following:

  • Coding fundamentals

  • Computer Science concepts 

  • Understanding of solving a real-life problem with technology

  • Design session in breakout teams

  • Building multiple unique projects

  • Alpha and Beta Testing

  • Key employable skills

Friday Fun:

Every Friday, we have an industry specialist leader join our camp for a special lesson.

Students will get the opportunity to present their project and receive valuable feedback from the industry specialists


3D Game Development Series

(Flexible pay as to go)

Take the Pre-requisite camp. It is offered every week starting July 6th

Then sign up for subsequent week for a different adventure and learning  every week


Programming fundamentals in C#

Data types


Logic and Conditionals


Loops and Arrays

Classes and Objects

Interfaces and Inheritance

3D Game Development in UNITY

How to create 3D objects

How to modify the properties of the objects

Pitch, Yaw and Roll

Movement in 3D space

How to adjust the camera angle to follow a player in the game

How to add a script to an object and write code to control movement and behaviour

COST: $150 CAD/week



iPhone Apps Development Series

(structured 6 week program)

A structured App Development summer journey.  A 6 week program to get you started with developing and publishing iPhone Apps. The skills you will learn in this program will open opportunities for you whether you choose to be a free lancer or get hired as an iOS developer.

Getting Stared with XCODE and SWIFT

(Pre-requisite I)

SWIFT Fundamentals II





Programming fundamentals in SWIFT

Data types


Logic and Conditionals

Loops and Arrays


Classes and Structs

Interfaces and Inheritance


User input and Interface

iPhone Apps

Planning and Design

UI basics



July 13th - AUG 21st

Monday - Friday

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Cost for the 6 weeks:

$1800 CAD


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