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STEM in your School

Join the list. We offer fun and educational programs to a number of TDSB, TCDSB, and private schools across GTA. 


We will send our highly trained team to your school to offer engaging Coding and Robotics programs for all age groups

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Lunch Programs and After School Code Club Guide

Code-it Hacks is proud to bring our unique program to your school. We teach the concepts through play; coding on the computer is just the bonus! Kids come to our program wanting more! We dare kids to imagine their worlds, characters and more. Using design thinking principles, our collaborative classrooms beam with ideas. Thoughts are journaled, flow is charted, debated and refined, and finally the creation takes life through coding.

We bring all the required equipment and laptops to run the program. Children are only required to bring their imagination!


Code basics

using coding gadgets. Into to Logical movements & Sequencing patterns using code


Code basics

Animation with

Game building basics

Storyboard. Intro to Physical computing

Grades 1 - 3 

Create Websites,

Advanced games,

Intro to Textual programming,

Intro to 

App development

Grades  4 - 6

Intro to Computer Science concepts, Textual Programming

Portfolio Building: Apps, games, Designs, etc.

Grades 7- 9

Algorithms, Decomposition, Data Science principles, Into to Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Robotics

Portfolio Building for university prep: Apps, games, Designs, etc.

Grades 10- 12

Join The Glass Cube! Our incubator lab for innovation and technology


Fundamentals of coding

Intermediate  coding

Advanced coding & Concepts

The Real Deal!

Code-it Hacks Difference

Why learn with us?

Small class size 
We only accept 10-12 students in each class. We take pride in providing the best quality education at a safe pace


Students work in small teams with rotational leadership opportunities for all students

Play based concepts  

Make sure your child puts on their sneakers. We will play fun games that will teach them coding concepts that they will never forget!

Design Thinking

Technology is not an end in itself at Code-it Hacks. We impart the required thinking skills to drive creations from an idea to implementation using design thinking principles

Project &  Problem based curriculum 

Students will make connections with real world by designing projects that are solution centric


Students will work on a number of projects and will build their portfolio of digital projects

Mentorship Opportunities

Students completing this program are invited to assist with community outreach programs to reinforce their learning and to mentor other students

We Believe in

Collaborative leadership

Developing Critical thinking

Cultivating imagination

Open communication & dialogue

Creating problem solvers

Creating mentors

Learning by making mistakes

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