Half Day options for Ages 5 - 7

Full day Virtual and In-person camps for ages 8 - 14



This summer, we bring you a unique blend of In-person and Virtual Summer STEM: CODING and ROBOTICS camp experience for kids ages 5 - 7 and 8 - 14

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Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday from comfort of your home!

Kids Playing Tug of War


Meet us in HIGH PARK or from your backyard every Thursday for outdoor team building activities and logic games


our camp staff is available for pickup and drop off from designated subway station

(*The outdoor segment is subject to no Lockdown restrictions)



Listen, learn and get inspired by our industry specialist guest. Showcase your awesome creation!

Pandemic Camp year 2 - What are we doing different?

While normal still evades us, the new normal dictates we form creative ways to give children  a physical and mental safe space to learn and be kids again.

This year we bring you a unique camp experience that combines virtual and in-person learning.

Camp Schedule


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Stretch and Shake

Lesson I

Project and Team Work



Lesson II 

Project and Team work


EXPO Afternoon

In Person - * Outdoors

Thursday Team build and Logic games

Meet us in High Park every Thursday for:

Team building activities

Logic Games

Inquiry, research and project work

LESSON ON impactful presentations


Our camp counsellors are available to provide pick-up and drop-off at designated subway station.

(*The outdoor segment is subject to no Lockdown restrictions)

Science and Technology Class


We research the latest Technology trends and carefully craft the camp programs so your children are always exposed to the most current technologies and its application

Code-it Hacks camps are never same year over year. We strive to bring the latest in technology so your child is always a step ahead

A unique Virtual and In-person experience

Structure in Chaos

The world changed one fine day in 2020! Physical distancing is here to stay for a while.

Code-it Hacks virtual face-to-face and in-person outdoor camps provides much needed structure and freedom for kids to be kids again!

New Global Friendships

Meet like-minded kids from around the world.

Up your digital presence

Get a step closer to working with a variety of technology while interacting digitally to keep up with the times

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Every Thursday, Code-it Hacks campers will meet at High Park for team building activities, logic games and one-on-one coach meet to perfect their projects

Girl with Laptop

What to expect?

Whether you are joining block-based / textual programming or Maker Robotics camp, each camp will cover the following in-depth:

  • Coding fundamentals

  • Engineering principles

  • Understanding of solving a real-life problem with technology

  • Design session in breakout teams

  • Building multiple unique projects

  • Alpha and Beta Testing



AGES 8 - 12



Frequently asked questions

What is the differernce between the Virtual Coding Camp and the Virtual Maker Robotics camp?

Code-it Hacks offers play-based coding and maker robotics camps. In the coding camp, campers will learn the fundamentals of programming while creating interactive games. Campers will take a deep dive into developing key programming skills. The Virtual Maker Camps are designed to engage young learners via hands on maker projects while devloping basics of coding. Campers will learn the fundamentals of electronics, robotics and basics of programming as they work through their inventions.

Will my child learn coding in the Maker robotics Camp?

Virtual Maker camps are designed to engage students to the world of STEM via hands-on activities. The focus of the camp is to introduce students to electronics and robotics. Each camp will cover the basics of coding required to complete the prroject

What hardware and software to I need for the virtual coding camp?

For the Coding camp you need the following hardware:

  • Laptop or Desktop with windows or iOS.
  • Chromebook will work as well
  • Quiet place to participate in the workshop
  • Internet connectivity

You need the following Software:


  • SCRATCH Account Creation: Please follow the link to access SCRATCH. Create an account. (it is free to create the account: )
For PYTHON Camp: Trinket account creation: Please follow the link to access Trinket. Create an account (It is free to create the account: ) For UNITY and APP Development Camps: Please visit the TEEN STEMCademy page to learn about the requirements for the TEEN coding programs

What supplies and equipment will Code-it Hacks provide for the virtual Maker Robotics camp and Engineering camp?

Engineering camp supply kit will sent to all registered campers in advance. All campers registered for the Maker Robootics camp will receive a Supplies and Electronics kit as part of the registration. The $75 value kit includes:

  • Aditional Sensors
  • Motors
  • Motors
  • Jumper cables
  • Breakout board
  • Soldering materials (where required)
  • Other required Electronic components
Depending on the camp you are registered for, parents will need to purchase the base circuit kit for Microbit or Arduino Micro:bit can be purchased online here: Elmwood Electronics: BuyaPi:

Does Code-it Hacks provide loaner computer for the virtual coding camps?

Code-it Hacks can provide a limitied number of loaner laptops. The regisered camper must reside in Greater Toronto Area. incidental deposit will be required to book a loaner device.

Does Code-it Hacks provide loaner computer for the virtual maker and robotics camps?

Code-it Hacks can provide a limitied number of loaner laptops and loaner circuit boards. The regisered camper must be reside in Greater Toronto Area. incidental deposit will be required to book all loaner devices.

How many students are there in each virtual camp and what is the student to teacher ratio?

Each camp has a maximum of 8 students. Each class will have one instructor and 1 to 2 coaches with the teacher student ratio of 1:6

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