The Code-it Hacks' team is as unconventional as our teaching methods and curriculum. We have put together a team with a holistic mindset. All our team members have sound teaching skills, technology skills and a deep understanding of child psychology. 

Being a Microsoft school, every member of the team goes through vigrous training and is required to attain the following technical certification where applicable:

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator

  • Teach Creative coding through Games & Apps


  • Raspberry Pi instructor

  • Python

  • Making with Microbits

  • Arduino

  • Makey Makey


Mandatory Pedagogy certifications in:

  • Amplifying Student Voice

  • Problem Based Learning

  • Digital citizenship

  • 21st century learning design

All our educators and mentors are required to regularly provide Vulnerability Sector Check & CPR certification.

Shirin Merchant
Program Director
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Shirin began her humble beginnings in the field of Data and Analytics as a consultant in Toronto. With over 20 years of experience in planning, architecting and delivering a wide range of data and analytics solutions along with managing teams of data scientists and engineers, she has now ventured off to tackle her toughest clients: Children!

Teaching digital literacy to youth has been a very rewarding journey for her. She believes in imparting STEM skills to her students in a play-based yet very practical manner. Using design thinking principles, students are taught the art of coding from ideation to implementation. From the basics of graphical coding to the more advanced discipline of Artificial Intelligence, children learn the foundational skills via play and then dare to imagine their own possibilities.

"In my classroom, we only follow one rule: we challenge ourselves to break them all - Any one can code, just bring your imagination!. "

Kainat Sajid
Lead Educator
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Kainat is an undergraduate student at York University, currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Having tutored from an early age, she is very fond of teaching and hopes to encourage children to let their curiosity guide them.


Kainat enjoys the visual arts and is fascinated by how programming has significantly impacted the industry. From stop motion animation to Virtual Reality, she is very excited to see what barriers technological advancements will break; and is even more excited to be a part of that movement. 


“My goal in every classroom is to teach children to be curious, and to follow that natural curiosity. I believe this quality better equips children to tackle otherwise complex topics and concepts.  I have witnessed children pursue areas of study above their assigned grades because of this curiosity, and when fostered correctly, believe it has the potential to strengthen character and develop lifelong passions.” 

Keenan Cromwell
Lead Educator
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Keenan is a University of Toronto Mississauga student currently majoring in communication culture information technology and minoring in computer science and education studies. With a background in camp counselling, an aspiring teacher, and tinkerer of technology, Keenan has a passion for teaching children and assisting in their growth.


Keenan enjoys video games and is up to date on all the newest breakthroughs in the industry. He has experience playtesting new games from several of the big names in gaming before they have come on the market. “The cake is a lie.”

Anja Radin
Lead Educator
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Anja is a University of Toronto Mississauga student, currently completing a Bachelor’s degree with majors in communication information technology and psychology. She is interested in the way people interact with technology and UI/UX design. With experience mentoring young students at the start of their coding journey, Anja sees game coding as a fun and malleable platform for learning the fundamentals of code. Borrowing from math, language, and science, she helps students connect concepts and learn to code in fun and creative ways.


“Learning to code exposes kids to principles of logic, critical thinking, and problem solving that are vital for prospering in today's digital world. I am honoured to guide young minds as they learn to code with full imaginations.”

Arham Abidi
Curriculum Editor & Mentor
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Arham is a student of Computational Mathematics & Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Arham aspires to apply his learnings toward and advance his career in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Arham is a tinkerer at heart and leaves no stone unturned when on a technology related quest. An active participant in Kaggle, Arham challenges himself in many competitions pertaining to Data Science. 

We are fortunate to have Arham as a mentor at Code-it Hacks. Arham helps out with curriculum review and volunteering at our numerous coding events.