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Our Methodology

At Code-it Hacks, we don't just code. We prepare students for understanding the entire life cycle of the digital world.

Based on the collaborative learning paradigm, students work in small groups and are mentored to unleash their imagination in brainstorming ideas, which are then journaled in their "Design Journal".  No code is written until a mock idea is debated and collaborated on. Each week a leader is assigned to the group who is mentored to facilitate the design discussions and present the ideas at the end of the class.

In each course, students will not only learn the building blocks of coding, but will also take away the essential life skills of leadership, team building and conflict resolution.

With Collaborative learning, Code-it Hacks learner will be a:
Code-it Hacks program mehodology and principles
Problem Solver
Logical Thinker
Team player





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