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To become effective

leaders of tomorrow,

21st century learners

must be confident

in more than just

technical skills. They

must also be excellent


and team mates . 


Dear Parents,

It’s time to be curious!

We are in the midst of Technology revolution and whether our children opt for the field of technology or another discipline, we are all affected by technology. The more exposure your child gets, the closer they are to feeling confident in taking on the challenges of 21st century.


Code-it Hacks brings you a different flavour of technology every summer so your child is always learning the latest. Though the technologies are different, the underlying fundamentals remain the same.

This year our goal is to go beyond simple coding and robotics. There are drones to be programmed, Virtual reality worlds to be built, Internet of Things to be explored and how can we not dive into Artificial Intelligence!


We continue to offer play-based coding fundamentals

wrapped around a real-world problem. Campers work through a week of problem solving with technology. At the end, they visit a Tech company or get visited by them to get the feedback from the experts.


This is the experience I wish I had growing up!

I believe soft skills and technology skills go hand in hand. When teaching our campers technical skills, we give them the opportunity to develop their communication and collaboration skills that help them get work done in the real world. At Code-it Hacks’ Technology camp, your child will learn to embrace technology and will also learn to present their ideas and projects with confidence.

In our collaborative solution-focused camp, your child will have a fulfilling camp experience with top-notch industry professionals, hands on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) teachings, outdoor off-screen time, field trips, new friendships and lots of surprise treats through theTechnology STEM summer camp weeks.

See you in summer!

Best Regards,

Shirin Merchant

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