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STEM Programs 2022 - 2023

Rated the best virtual and In-person coding programs by parents and kids


Don't drop the ball on learning this academic year! 

Science and Technology Class


We research the latest Technology trends and carefully craft the camp programs so your children are always exposed to the most current technologies and its application

Code-it Hacks programs are never the same year over year. We strive to bring the latest in technology so your child is always a step ahead

Why Join our After-School Program?

    A structured 8 week coding program where learning is fun

    Learn the fundamentals of programming via Game design and development, digital animation, and exploring 2D and 3D worlds

    Join a safe small class of 8 students with 2 instructors

    Collaborate by joining breakout room with different students every week to design and build your challenge of the week

    Meet new like-minded friends from around the world virtually

    Share, present and showcase your work

Girl with DIY Robot
Girl with Laptop

What to expect?

Whether you are joining block-based / textual programming or Maker Robotics, each program will cover the following in-depth:

Coding fundamentals

Engineering principles

Understanding of solving a real-life problem with technology

Design session

Building multiple unique projects

Alpha and Beta Testing

How is Code-it Hacks integrating the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) support?

We are proud to state that SEL has always been an integral part of our program. Now more so, we feel the need to offer a balance between creating technology savvy learners and learners that can engage socially and navigate the world confidently without breaking under the pressures of the world. Every Code-it Hacks program, virtual or in person, integrates:

collaboration (during design and build)

Inquiry based learning (Problem and project-based)

Research and Presentation

Personalized learning plan and feedback

Recognition, Endorsements and Featured

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