Play-Based Coding and Robotics Camps and After-school Programs for Kids in Toronto



CODE-IT HACKS is Toronto's well-established STEM school for kids in Toronto. We offer play-based virtual and in-person  programs for kids in Coding, Robotics and Electronics. Our highly trained team of STEM professionals are committed to imparting foundational STEM skills in a safe, carefree and fun environment.  

Why Learn Coding and Robotics with us?

Small class size 
We only accept 8 students in all after school programs in-person and virtual. We take pride in teaching the best quality education at a safe pace

Teams Work

Students work in small teams with rotational leadership opportunities for all students

Play based concepts  

Make sure your child puts on their sneakers. We will play fun games that will teach them coding concepts that they will never forget!

Project  based curriculum 

Students will make connection with real world by designing projects that are solution centric


Students will work on a number of projects and will build their portfolio of digital projects

Mentorship Opportunities

Students completing the program are invited to programs to assist with other programs to reinforce their learning and mentor younger students